South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation. After decades of strife with the northern forces, South Sudan emerged as an independent nation on July 9, 2011. Since then, it has been wracked by violence from different warring factions.

Probably the best thing going in the country is the fast-growing Episcopal Church of South Sudan, boasting eight million members--more than half the population. The Primate, ABp Justin Badi, is a great friend. An even closer relationship is with ABp Paul Yugusuk, son of ABp Benjamin Yugusuk, former Archbishop of Sudan. ABp Benjamin was also a wonderful spiritual father to me for many years from 1993 until his death in 2000. ABp Paul and I are brothers, and collaborate all the time. Your generosity just allowed us to send money to help with COVID-19 relief and prevention.

These photos (from upper left) show people displaced by fighting, a new mask factory we are helping with, a project to turn plastic jugs into hand washing/sanitization stations, and pictures of delivering the finished supplies.

ABp Paul wrote to me:
“Ndugu Kubwa [Big Brother], Thank you and the people of Ekklesia for your wonderful support. Our needs are very great. We are teaching hygiene, making masks, and sending teams out to teach how to avoid the spread of COVID. Your partnership is a tremendous encouragement.”

South Sudan