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It has never been easier to get involved and change lives. You can make a difference and save lives just by saving change!

The Bishop’s Well is a ministry that saves lives by helping to provide a “Well of Resources” for clean, safe water and other projects. A drilling rig has been donated by Water for the World to The Anglican Church of Kenya and Ekklesia has been entrusted to oversee how the resources are deployed. We must raise money for the pipes, pumps, tanks, drill bits, fuel, and all the other expenses associated with drilling. The donated rig saves us a tremendous amount of money, but it still costs an average of $25,000 to drill a “bore hole” roughly 600 feet deep. That is not very far when you consider people are currently walking as far as seven miles for water that can be found 200 yards under ground. There are also many other projects that impact lives.

REQUEST a coin bottle bank today! You will receive a Bishop’s Well bottle bank where you can save spare change. After 40 days take your change to the bank and send your donation to Bishop's Well!

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