about US

For many years, Bishop's Well has been providing wells and purification systems to provide clean water to children and families in Africa. In 2012, a well was drilled at Jehovah Jira Children’s Home in Nairobi. The sale of water from this well will sustain the 150 children indefinitely!

Another well in Oloosirkon is providing the first clean water that the village has ever had! In addition, the Diocese of Sydney, Australia, has donated a water truck to help transport the clean water for sale, tremendously expanding the income and sustainability of the project. Even better, the income from selling water to businesses will all go back into a revolving loan fund to drill more wells.

Originally begun to provide clean water to those who did not have access to it, the Bishop’s Well expanded to be a Well of Resources to make positive differences in people’s lives in many areas, not just with water. In addition to water wells and equipment to bottle and sell water, we have pursued projects to build radio stations, process mango juice for sale, and many other projects.