Get involved

Here in America we are concerned about having enough water for our lawns and to fill our swimming pools, but much of the developing world is looking for clean water to drink, just to survive.

It has never been easier to get involved and change lives. You can make a difference and save lives just by saving change. Join us this year to provide clean water to children and families in Africa!

Bishop’s Well is a resource to provide clean water to children and families in Africa. A drilling rig has been donated by Water for the World to The Anglican Church of Kenya and Ekklesia has been entrusted to oversee how the resources are deployed.

Even with the money saved from having the rig in hand, it still costs around $20,000 to get to the water. Bishop’s Well has developed a project to help provide clean water for children and families in Africa.

REQUEST a water bottle bank today! You will receive a Bishop’s Well water bottle with a coin slot where you can save spare change. After 30 days take your change to the bank and send your donation to Bishop's Well!

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